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5 Fighting Tricks the Most Deadly Rooster

5 Most Deadly Fighting Tricks of Cockfighting

5 Most Deadly Fighting Tricks of Cockfighting Sometimes this cockfighting graft game is very fun and can be profitable as well and sometimes it can also hurt us when playing it. If you are a fan of cockfighting, either on-site or online, of course watching the battle is very fun. Fighting styles of fighting cocks also vary depending on the type of chicken, how to train it, and their habits.

The fighting technique used by chickens is very important to win a battle on the arena. The bobotoh usually focuses on the punches that the fighting cocks throw. In addition, fighting chickens are also given a variety of feeds and intensive training to have a strong punch.

But not only strength is the point when competing in the arena. But a technique that is used to attack the opponent using a deadly blow.

One of the best fighting cocks is Bangkok chicken. Bangkok chicken has a strong body posture, usually has a strong punch too. Bangkok chickens also need to be trained to get used to attack using good techniques. Like athletes, Bangkok chickens also undergo regular training every day.

Generally Bangkok chicken only has one fighting technique, because the memory of Bangkok chicken is not very good. So as a bobotoh you must be able to find the best technique for your Bangkok chicken so that it can be trained optimally.

Bangkok Chicken Fighting Technique

1.The Song or Key Technique, is the technique most favored by the old botoh. Because the use of this technique rarely accepts defeat. This technique mainly waits for your opponent’s negligence, when        your Bangkok chicken enters the opponent’s wing to fight. When the opponent is off guard, the Bangkok chicken will peck his opponent.

2. Control technique, is a good technique but not recommended for spur cockfighting. Because your Bangkok chicken will find it difficult to avoid fighting opponents. This technique is done by  waiting for an opportunity to attack your opponent with a deadly blow.

3. The Solah technique is highly recommended for spur cock fighti Whereas for a fight that doesn’t use a knife, it will really drain the energy of the chicken. Because this fighting style is attacking without the right direction and aim.

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4. The Ngeles technique is a very good defensive technique applied by Bangkok chickens. Because Bangkok chickens who have this fighting style tend not to have many injuries after competing.

5. Push technique, done by intimidating the opponent to back off an    off guard. This technique is very beneficial for trained Bangkok chickens to have strong and accurate strokes.

That is the review that Buanabet can share on this occasion. Hopefully it can be useful for old botohs and beginners who want to train your favorite fighting Bangkok chicken.